School of Increase - CD Set


This dynamic package includes the following 6 series:

1. Awakening The Power of Abundance Thinking

This series will unleash the life-changing power of abundance thinking into your life. Learn how to:

  • Break the Bondage of Lack Thinking
  • Activate the Power of Good Associations
  • Change Your Automatic Response Patterns
  • Create a Circle of Excellence and Creativity
  • Unleash the Power of Positive Visualization

And Much More! 

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Productive Palm Trees

In this series, How To Survive and Thrive In Difficult Times, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid Most Desert Experiences
  • Choose the Correct Responses to Negative Events
  • Convert Loss to a Great Spurt of Growth
  • Find Your New Oasis
  • Discover the Purpose of Flourishing

3. Defense (4 CDs + mp3) 

Learn the keys that will allow you to maintain and increase your long-term success.

  • Develop a defensive mindset
  • Develop back-up and inspection strategies
  • Develop defensive health strategies
  • Develop keys to long-term success and building a strong foundation

4. Break Free Financially (6 CDs +mp3)

Winning debt elimination strategies from America’s Increase Expert. This series teaches you how to activate innovative yet simple-to-use strategies to “Break Free Financially” and achieve financial victory.

  • Ten rapid payoff strategies to quickly eliminate debt
  • Seven major pitfalls of debt and how you can avoid them
  • Five secrets to re-creating good credit
  • Three keys to breaking the habit pattern and spirit of accumulation
  • Two brilliant tactics to win favor with your banker or creditors

5. Attitudes/Strategies for Success (8 CDs + mp3)

Learn how you can “make it happen” by turning everyday situations into winning opportunities. This power-packed series provides a careful balance of theory and practical down-to-earth principles for achieving success.

  • Step-by-step directions for obtaining wisdom and applying knowledge
  • Practical instructions for experiencing new power
  • How to turn negative situations into thrilling victories
  • Keys for achieving great financial breakthroughs
  • Secrets to succeeding in every area of your life

6. Time Increase (6 CDs + mp3)

Learn how you can maximize increase moments and skyrocket to new levels of productivity. This classic series will teach you easy-to-use principles of time management that will transform how you envision success.

  • Avoid the pitfalls that separate you from your dreams
  • Identify and quickly eliminate time wasters
  • Break invisible barriers that keep you from getting things done
  • Match important tasks to your energy levels
  • Accomplish great things while enjoying life to the fullest


Travel Secrets (CD + DVD)

Find out the strategies travel experts use to capture the best deals and benefits in an increasingly competitive industry. Discover the best-kept secrets the travel industry won’t tell the public and how to make them work
for you.

  • Fare wars – how to know about them before all the seats are gone
  • Discounts – how the pros avoid full-fare tickets…even in short notice situations
  • First class – the best ways to get free upgrades
  • Overbooking – changing the bad news into a great money-making opportunity
  • Credit cards – innovative strategies to tap into the “gold mine” of benefits
  • Rapid accumulation – tactics to supercharge yourself to free awards
  • Awards – secrets to double – even triple – the benefits from travel awards and discounts

Deals, Deals, Deals (CD)

Learn the “how to’s” of locating the best purchase deals for products and services we all need and want. This series is a practical guide to “stretching your dollars” by buying quality items and services at deep discounts.

  • Bandit buys – secrets to finding great deals
  • Homes – cut your interest expenses in half
  • Vehicles – finance them without a down payment or normal monthly payments
  • Groceries – reduce your weekly outlay by 20%, 30%, 40% or more
  • Clothes – dress better for a lot less
  • Vacations – travel in luxury at great discounts
  • And much, much more!

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