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The gaping mouth of a giant sinkhole sucked down a million-dollar home in a prestigious San Francisco neighborhood. The sinkhole, so big that a ten-story building could fit inside, was apparently created when water runoff from several days of torrential rains collapsed a century-old sewer line and washed away the earth beneath the home's foundation. Engineers believe that they can save the adjacent three-story luxury residence by firming up its foundation.

Many homes are falling into giant sinkholes, and not just in San Francisco. All across America homes are collapsing in the relationship arena as marriages and families are suddenly sucked into the sinkhole of separation and divorce.

Like the million-dollar homes in California, these marriages appear to be beautiful and stately. Then suddenly, one day everything collapses. This is because underneath, in the land of the invisible, the very foundation of the relationship has washed away over time.

What causes these washouts?

Several factors can cause marital washout. Often, it is a result of a lifestyle of continuous stress, which attacks a couple's intimacy and communication. Other times it may be wrong priorities brought on by an over focus on self.

For many achievers, the cause of marital washout is the boredom that sets in when old dreams and goals are attained and new ones are not created.

Here's how you can avoid having your marriage relationship crumble into a giant sinkhole by firming up its foundation.


1. ROMANCE: Schedule quiet times alone together. Never stop dating. Practice being tender and caring to one another.

2. PLAY: Laugh, have fun and enjoy life. Schedule recreational activities that both of you enjoy.

3. ESCAPE: Take trips together to dream spots. Periodically break your normal schedules and routine of life.

4. PRAISE: Nourish each other's ego and self-image through positive affirmations and praise.

5. AWARENESS: Become more aware of each other's needs, desires and yearnings

6. COMMUNICATION: Learn to listen carefully to each other as you express your deepest feelings.

7. WORSHIP: Share common spiritual experiences together. This will add depth, power and intimacy to your relationship.

Add your own foundation builders to this list. You will not only avoid giant sinkholes, but you will enjoy a more exciting and loving relationship.


What are you doing to add depth to your marriage foundation as you build height to your career?
What can you do to add significance and security to your relationship?

"The wise person builds his home upon a firm foundation, and when the storms come, it falls not."
Matthew 7:24-25

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