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Police report that a cabbie drove a man all the way from New York to Michigan and back, and then got a bad check for the $2000 fare. Three days after the 32-hour trip the cabbie was sick in bed.

One big question came to my mind as I read the above article: Why would anyone be so foolish as to invest so much time, energy and expense into a job or customer without being assured of payment?

Then I realized this is what many achievers and businesses do regularly. They provide goods and/or services to customers based solely on a purchase order number, a verbal order, or a customer’s promise to pay.

I could not begin to count the scores of prayer requests and counseling calls that I have received over the years from people who were having financial difficulties because of slow-paying or uncollectable accounts. In most instances, having a simple credit policy would have eliminated their problems.


1. REDUCE EXPOSURE: On large projects or orders demand payment as the job progresses (such as one-third at inception, one-third at midpoint and one third at completion.) Having such a policy can reduce your financial exposure by 67 to 90 percent.

2. ELIMINATE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: When possible eliminate the risks altogether by accepting credit cards, subscribing to a check guarantee system, offering bank financing, or just saying, “cash only.”

3. ESTABLISH CUSTOMER CREDIT LIMITS: If you must extend credit, have predetermined policies of how much credit you are willing to extend based upon a customer’s credit history or collateral.

4. INSPECT ACCOUNTS REGULARLY: Have a system of regular follow-up and contact with accounts.

5. PRAY ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Throughout the Bible it is revealed that the Holy Spirit can give understanding, wisdom, warning and favor.

What can you do to actually collect more of what you earn? How can you better avoid collection problems?

Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. Proverbs 27:23

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