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Chrysler announced that because of slumping sales it will shut down all 30 of its North American factories for at least a month.

As many of you know, several years ago I took over management...and then ownership...of a Southern California automobile dealership that was on the verge of bankruptcy. After being in business for less than six months and mounting an incredible comeback in sales, the above headline appeared in the local paper.

The headline froze me in my tracks.

 "Who would buy a new vehicle made by a manufacturer who might be going under? Was this going to put us into bankruptcy? What were we going to do?"

 That evening my mind was still spinning over the prospect of Chrysler's possible collapse. I felt impressed to open my Bible and I turned to I Kings 17. There I read about the prophet Elijah who also faced a crisis situation. His brook (supply) had suddenly dried up. I noticed that in response to that crisis, God did not bring water back into the brook. Instead, He revealed to Elijah another source of supply...a widow woman in the city. 

I asked myself, "Might I also have a new or additional source of supply?" Then it hit me. Yes, it was my used car inventory! By contract I was committed to only selling new Chrysler products. However, I could sell any brand of used cars that I desired. If I increased my inventory of other brands, an increase of used car sales could sustain us through the new car meltdown.

A few days later, I went to a wholesale auto auction and purchased a bundle of used Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas, plus other four and six cylinder American-made vehicles. Those vehicles immediately began to sell and generate income.

We made it through that rough season. In a few short months we saw ourselves, and Chrysler, rebound from the brink of disaster. This happened because we believed that no one supplier was our source. God was our source.

Maybe you are going through a tough economic season and it seems that your brook is drying up. The same God that helped Elijah and helped me can also help you. Pray and ask Him to reveal to you new sources of supply. Then, get ready for your unexpected INCREASE


Where can you find new sources that can give you fresh INCREASE?


"I have directed a widow to supply you." 
1 Kings 17:9

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